Who are we?

“La Compagnie des Martingales”: A short history
The company is the outcome of a long history that began in 2005 with the creation of the Graduate School of Games and Interactive Media (ENJMIN) of the Cnam. The school was initiated and, then, directed by Stéphane Natkin, Professor at Cnam. In 2013, it ENJMIN sets up an incubator to help students and former students to finalize and market the games resulting from the school’s projects. In 2015, ENJMIN develops a partnership with the Cologne Games Lab (CGL) at THK University. CGL also has an incubator and an accelerator in Germany: “SpielFabrique”. Leaving the management of ENJMIN in 2019, Stéphane Natkin creates the French acceleration structure “La Compagnie des Martingales”.